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Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Policy is as follows:

First and Foremost

As a Professional Services provider, Hinjewadi Lifestyles strives to ensure that in all it does and says quality and innovation are at the forefront. This includes a dutiful performance of our tasks in a manner that will be fruitful for all those who are impacted by the work we do.

Therefore it is of importance to Hinjewadi Lifestyles that its marketplace standing in the contributions made to the world of design and the built environment, are: initiated, processed, monitored and implemented upon the very foundations of its Quality Management System with honor and respect accordingly.

Marketplace Partners

In the on-going process of developing, implementing and sustaining the ‘Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Management System’, we often refer collectively to Clients, Consultants, Contractors and sub-Contractors, Suppliers and Vendors, Designers and Architects as ‘Marketplace Partners’ and to whom our relationship is of most importance. We believe the fruitfulness of these relationships will be largely determined by the effectiveness of our communications: hence, the efficiency of the ‘Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Management System’.

The Elements

The business of Hinjewadi Lifestyles – Management, Design, Manufacture & Build and Trading – necessitates a scope of Quality Management System that relates to:

  • Process – from design to contract documentation to construction to commissioning and delivery;
  • Product – from design to manufacture to delivery at market;
  • Procurement – sale and purchase of commodity and delivery to our valued customers
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The Components

The ‘Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Management System’, is captured in the very essence of a Quality Project Plan which incorporates the following:

  • Project Brief – outlining the details of all project requirements as provided by our valued Customer;
  • Project Implementation Requirements – assessment of competence, awareness and service provision including that to which Marketplace Partners are involved;
  • Project Controls – specifically to do with time, cost and quality requirements;
  • Process Recording and Monitoring – document control, including: issue, revision, approval, verification and delivery procedures, and product control, including: inspection, testing, monitoring and delivery;
  • Project Completion – review of the project to delivery of product in accordance with the Project Brief.

Quality Control – Quality Assurance

The adoption of the ‘Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Management System’ has the support of all of the Partners and People of Hinjewadi Lifestyles. Internal auditing and review, involving all participants, is an integral part of maintaining relevance to the ‘Hinjewadi Lifestyles Quality Management System’, that continues to undergo change and renewal in a world where quality assurance to the end user is unquestionably at the forefront of our business.