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Hinjewadi Lifestyles Office

Hinjewadi Lifestyles is a division of Hinjewadi Constructions Private Limited (HCPL) established in 2004 in Mumbai.

Hinjewadi Lifestyles is a personality that aspires to be everything and anything related to Design with our focus on providing unique, practical and proprietary design solutions and related services. Staffed by experienced professionals, the Company’s areas of expertise are:

  • Interior Design and Build
  • Project Management
  • Design Consultancy

Mission Statement:

We seek to emerge as a leader in design related solutions by providing end to end customer specific, innovative and world class design solutions;

  • We seek to be a synonym for design worldwide and intimately express this in every project;
  • We seek to practice a “Customer First” approach in all our dealings and also ensuring “Value for Money” to our clients;
  • We seek to see that our creativity, technological expertise, operating procedures and corporate values remain a benchmark now and for the generations to come;
  • We strive to be a responsible “Corporate Citizen” through CSR activities and give back through community efforts that will not be driven by financial means alone;
  • We strive to see all efforts driven by purpose and vision in the Spirit of Hinjewadi Lifestyles.